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02-06-2008 | Af Henrik Friis

The Bronson Brothers live in the Spotcast studio.

The SPOT Festival can now present a new round of Spotcast. The Bronson Brothers, The Late Parade, Vectral and Lise Westzynthius have all been recorded in intimate surroundings at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, and the recordings can now be seen by clicking the links below: 

See The Bronson Brothers in Spotcast
See The Late Parade in Spotcast
See Vectral in Spotcast
See Lise Westzynthius in Spotcast (will be uploaded very soon)

Spotcast first saw the light of day in 2006 when we had six bands in the studio during the festival for stripped recordings and interviews, which were later posted on the internet. 
Now we return to the idea – only this time as a prelude to this year’s festival so that you can see and listen to recordings with some of the bands and solo artists who are going to play June 5th - 7th in Aarhus. With Spotcast it is just the bands / artists and their music. Thus, no crowd – just the act in close-up. 

This year, the Spotcast project is presented in collaboration with The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus which hosted the recordings, and TV-Basic, which is the one-year TV training programme of Aarhus Municipality and Aarhus Technical School.