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Special Events
Nordic Cowriters (NO/IS/FO/SE/DK)
Nordic Cowriters (NO/IS/FO/SE/DK)

12 gifted songwriters from five Nordic countries have been staying at Engelsholm Castle for three days and nights. In a workshop they have collaborated on new songs in various constellations, formed close bonds and gathered inspiration for years. The brand new compositions will be presented for the first time at SPOT’s acoustic stage. 

The songwriters:

Arne Hovda                DISA                            Gudrid Hallsdottir     Hanne Sørvaag         Lena Anderssen
(N)                                (ISL)                             (FO)                            (S)                                 (FO)

Lise Blaase                Mads Mouritz             Morten Myklebust     Prins Nitram                Pål Moddi Knutsen
(DK)                             (DK)                             (N)                               (DK)                              (N)

Thomas Baz               Tobias Stenkjær
(DK)                             (DK)

Leader of the workshop: Christian Ulf-Hansen UK 

Presented in association with Mayday Music, KODA, DJBFA & Mobile Music